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Finding a qualified health coach to aid in your weight loss journey can be challenging, especially if you have a busy schedule or reside in a rural area. At Surrey Weight Loss Clinic, we understand these obstacles, which is why we offer online coaching services.

That’s why Surrey Weight Loss Clinic offers online coaching. This option is ideal if:

• There isn’t an Ideal Protein clinic nearby.

• You travel frequently or have a hectic schedule.

• The clinic’s location isn’t convenient

• You prefer virtual meetings.

Similar to our in-person option, our virtual coaching provides expert guidance assisting you to lose weight and sustaining your results long-term.

Why Clients Love Remote Coaching


All of your products and meals are shipped directly to you.

Remote Check-Ins

Meet with your coach weekly over Zoom, FaceTime, or Skype to review your progress and address questions.


Studies also show clients with coaches lose twice as much weight!

Surrey Weight Loss Clinic Reviews

I lost 60 lb., I loved the program, I followed it as I was instructed and got results in timely manner. Now, my goal is to keep the weight off when I start eating regular food.

Sukhi and Staff are very helpful and answered my all questions through WhatsApp ( in between my in person weekly appointment)

My suggestions is to follow word by word instructions and protocol to get desire results on timely manner. Keep your doctor on board to monitor your health as required.

Best of luck and thanks to Sukhy and her team.

Best of luck to everyone choosing to be healthier.

Pratik Vyas

I just wanted to share how awesome Surrey Weight Loss Clinic is. I started off skeptical as a student, worrying about money too. But the staff, especially Sukhy, made me feel comfortable. They were honest that my commitment matters as much as their advice. Food's a big deal in the program, and guess what? I dropped the weight and feel amazing. Plus, I saved money by cutting out junk. Thanks, Surrey Weight Loss Clinic, you changed my life!

Selina M.

Best decision I ever made coming here. Been coming only 6 weeks but I've had changes that I didn't think was possible. Have lost 23 lbs in 6 weeks. Food is super good. If you are having doubts then don't, just do it. I was super hesitant before and I'm glad my wife convinced me. Just have patience, it's a process and it really works. Trust me, I'm the last person to come review anything but because of the changes in me and others that I know are doing the program, I'd recommend this program to anyone looking for change as I want others to feel good as I have!!! Big thanks to Sukhy and staff at the clinic for their knowledge and support during the process of the program, you two are awesome!

Kam Sabrina

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